Training & Education.

“We specialize in Wildland Urban Interface preparedness.”

Quintech Fire Services personnel are trained to provide exceptional fire and rescue response. All of our trainers are active firefighting personnel that bring many years of in-field experience to the classroom. Various comprehensive and specialized training programs are offered to remote tour operators, fire departments, lumber mills, industry and forest management operations.

Experienced Educators

Quintech Fire Services management has many yea rs of professional development and has trained hundreds of students across North America. Quintech has compiled a select list of career instructors who are specialists in various disciplines of emergency services. Our network of trainers offer courses including (but not limited to):
  • Wildland/Urban Interface Firefighting
  • Wildland Firefighting/Specialized Rescue
  • Firefighting Gels Technology/Search and Rescue
  • Incident Command System

Customized Programs

Quintech and our network of trainers will design a program to suit your specific educational or site requirements. We will match your program needs with an instructor who has experience in that specific area. This provides maximum instructional expertise and an exceptional learning experience. Quintech has a classroom facility at our head office located in Bridesville, BC. Our programs can be delivered at either your location or at our office.
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