D. Hutchinson Bio

Darren Hutchinson

Quintech Fire Services Ltd., Bridesville, British Columbia

Darren started his journey in the fire service, with the Duncan Fire Department in 1992 as a firefighter and for the next 2 summers worked on an Initial Attack Crew for the BC Forest Service.  In 1994 was picked up by a contract wildland crew as a crew boss for the next 3 years.  In 1998 worked in the oil patch in Alberta as a firefighter and introduced the Alberta Forest Service to engine operations during a Wildland Urban Interface Incident as well as being the first person ever to use firefighting Gels on an interface incident and successfully saved a $60,000,000.00 Pulp and Paper mill.

1999 Darren incorporated Quintech Fire Services Ltd and began to focus on all aspects of Wildland Urban Interface firefighting, training, tools and consulting.  This began his journey all over North America taking courses and working on large incidents in the USA for the next 4 years.  During that time he worked his way up to a Task Force/Strike Team leader and worked as a Structure Protection Specialist in Wyoming helping the firefighters understand new tools like Gels.  In 1999 Darren also became a lead instructor for Barricade Fire Blocking Gel in the USA, working with structure fire departments, wildland and Industrial fire departments.

Darren quickly became the go to guy for new tools and tactics for use on Interface fires.  Darren has taught the all wildland firefighting courses that directly relate to Interface firefighting and in 2006 Darren began delivering basic structure firefighting courses for a few small volunteer fire departments.  This exposure to the volunteer fire departments helped him develop hands on course for all firefighters responding to an interface fire.  Darren has been delivering interface training to the fire service in BC for the past 4 years and has had great response from all participants.

Over the past 10 years Darren has delivered training to such clients as, US Forest Service Crews, Good Year Chemical plant, Monsanto Chemical Plant and Wildwell Fire Control in Texas, Kennedy Space center Chief Training Officer on Gel operations, Montebello, California based Task Force (Gel Operations), many fire departments in BC such as Port Moody and Coquitlam, BC Forest Service Crews and multiple firefighters in the USA and Canada during Interface incidents on tools and tactics.

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