About Us

“Ready to respond with the latest firefighter technology”

“A proven track record of proven protection services across North America”

About Quintech Fire Services

Quintech Fires Services was established in 1999 and today we offer fire fighting, consulting, training and products across Canada and the United States. Quintech has a wide range of expertise with variety of clients including:
  • Canadian and U.S. forest services agencies
  • Forest product operations
  • Rural communities
  • Petroleum industry
  • Construction
  • Ranches
  • Homeowners
  • Ski resorts
  • Backcountry lodges
  • Movie industry
Our teams are fully equipped and on standby to be mobilized to any location in North America:
  • Quintech Fire Services is based in Bridesville, Alberta, Canada, and offers emergent and non-emergent response to anywhere within Canada and the continental United States.
  • Quintech has a fleet of NWCG Specification Type 2 engines (Barricade Fire Blocking Gel equipped) with 250 gallon tote trailer.

  • All personnel are certified to the NWCG Basic Wildland Firefighter standards. Additionally, each member is certified in structural, wildland urban interface, technical rescue and industrial firefighting, all hold current First Responder Level 3 tickets. This combination of personnel and equipment provides a unique and professional emergency services team, capable of delivering a multitude of services.
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